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The Graduate Student Internships for Career Exploration Program (GSICE) is a program at UCSF that allows graduate students to do internships outside of academic research. The goal of GSICE is to provide students with hands-on experience in appropriate career environments in order to help graduate students at UCSF make informed decisions about which of the many career paths to pursue post graduation. The GSICE program consists of two main components: the GSICE training component and the GSICE internship.

Quick Facts about GSICE

  • GSICE is a program at the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) that allows graduate students to do internships outside of academic research.

  • The GSICE Program are open to students to all UCSF PhD students in one of the following graduate programs at UCSF: Bioengineering, BMI, BMS, Biophysics, CCB, DSCB, Epidemiology, Global health*, History of health sciences*, Medical Anthropology*, Neuroscience, Nursing*, OCS, PSPG, Sociology*, or TETRAD. (*Note: The GSICE curriculum was originally developed for UCSF biomedical scientists. Course content draws heavily from the perspectives of researchers in the basic life sciences.)

  • Students eligible for internships must have passed their qualifying exams.

  • Internships are full-time for a period of 3 months and typically occur during one academic quarter (during training or after graduation).

  • For the quarter that the student is on the internship, the student will have their graduate stipend covered by either the internship site or a GSICE fellowship. Additionally, the student will be provided with enough extra remuneration to buy into UCSF student health coverage for the quarter. (Graduated students will be provided with an equivalent monetary amount as is provided to current students but they will be responsible for finding their own insurance and health care provider.) The PI will not be financially responsible for the student at this time.

  • A student must have the approval of their Thesis Advisor and the Graduate Program Director to go on a GSICE internship.

  • The Thesis Advisor and the Graduate Program Director have the ultimate discretion in deciding if a GSICE internship is appropriate for a student. Advisors are not required to let their students pursue an internship.

  • The international student should consult with an advisor in the International Students and Scholars Office to determine their specific situation with regards to pursing an internship.

  • The training component of GSICE consists of 8 workshops that are approximately 2 hours in length.


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