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Info for Students

PDF iconClick here to view the 2019 GSICE Course Syllabus

The Graduate Student Internships for Career Exploration Program (GSICE) is a program at UCSF that allows graduate students to do internships outside of academic research. The goal of GSICE is to provide UCSF basic and biomedical science graduate students with hands-on experience in appropriate career environments in order to help them make informed decisions about which of the many career paths to pursue post graduation. The Graduate Student Internships for Career Exploration program consists of two main components: the GSICE training component and the GSICE internship.

GSICE Training Component

The GSICE training component consists of eight workshops. These workshops are built to prepare students for the internship interview process, orient students for their future internships and give students career development skills that will also be useful for their eventual job searches post graduation. It is mandatory that GSICE program students attend each workshop.

Please note: This year, graduate students accepted into the GSICE program will be required to register for Graduate Studies 285, GSICE Career and Professional Development Training. The course will be graded on a P/NP (Pass/Not Pass) or S/U (Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory) basis. A major component for passing the course is attendance.

The Course Series

  1. Finding an experiential opportunity
  2. Your professional brand
  3. Applying for experiential opportunities: Materials that highlight your best assets 
  4. Interviewing for experiential opportunities
  5. Hit the ground running in your first 90 days: Establishing yourself as a professional in your new work environment
  6. Setting your goals and creating your success 
  7. Navigating challenging Situations
  8. Evaluate your success

GSICE Coffee Talks

As a student in the GSICE program you are eligible to attend private GSICE Coffee Talk events. These Coffee Talks typically occur once a month and are an opportunity for a small number of GSICE students to interact closely with a guest PhD professional. The purpose of these Coffee Talks is to allow students an opportunity to easily engage in career exploration and grow their networks. The Coffee Talks are typically organized by GSICE students themselves, so the guests and topics relate directly to the interests of students in the program.

GSICE Internship Component

The core of the GSICE program is the internship. The goal of this internship is to provide students with hands-on experience outside of research academia. Important details about the internship:

General Guidance for Internships

  • The student must be and remain in good standing with their graduate program.
  • The student may not defer graduation solely for the purpose of undertaking or accommodating an internship.
  • The student must perform all required preparatory work and attend all required training before going on their internship.
  • The student must conscientiously dedicate time, effort and energy to their internship.
  • Internship sites often ask students to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), Confidentiality Agreement (CDA), or Non-Compete Agreement (NCA). The GSICE staff is available to give GSICE students feedback on these documents before they sign them. Often adjustments need to be made to these documents to protect the student’s and UCSF’s rights and responsibilities. Please book an appointment to review these documents before accepting the internship. If the student has not participated in the GSICE program, we may be able to offer limited guidance. Please schedule an appointment to discuss the situation.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to withhold all necessary funds for future tax payments to the state and federal governments as needed. The GSICE Program is not able to provide any tax advice. All tax questions must be directed to a certified tax preparation professional or the appropriate government agency. We strongly recommend seeking professional tax advice. The student’s internship income may incur a different tax burden than what they experience as a graduate student.

Eligibility for the Program

  • All UCSF PhD students who have passed their qualifying exam are eligible for the GSICE program.
  • Students must have passed their qualifying exams and must be in good academic standing.
  • Students must have written approval from both their Thesis Advisor and Graduate Program Director to do an internship.
  • International students are eligible to be part of the GSICE class. However, international students should consult with an advisor in the International Students and Scholars Office to determine their specific situation with regards to pursing an internship.

GSICE Program Timeline

  • The application to GSICE opens every fall.
  • Cohort training: Winter Quarter (January-March)
  • Summer quarter: First new cohort internships begin

How to apply to GSICE

Please find the instructions on how to apply here.


Find the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for students here

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